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Border Encuentros

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.  Join friends from Via International for a day of learning, experiencing and dining as we visit with friends and allies in three different “encuentros.”


Experience the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Tijuana
Morning Site Visit:  Colonias of Tijuana
  • Partner:  Los Niños de Baja California
  • Location: Colonia Buena Vista
Lunchtime Site Visit: Tijuana’s Younger Generations
  • Partner: Telefónica
  • Location: Central Tijuana
Afternoon Site Visit: Tijuana’s Migrants & Deportees
  • Partner: Chaparral Humanitarian Alliance
  • Location:  Plaza Chaparral Port of Entry

Micro-credit success despite COVID.

The close net community of Colonia Buena Vista has hosted a microcredit group for 12 years. One family participating over the years includes the creative caterer, Norma Alicia Campos. She started by renting a space and selling second hand clothing. After participating in the nutrition program she discovered her cooking skills. The family home is on a hillside and formerly had no patio, nor commercial space. 

Now, after 10 years in the program, the family has completed a patio where they host catered events, built out the lower space to be a crepe cafe on the weekends and add on a graphics and cupcakes business for Norma’s daughter, who now also participates in the program. This family’s livelihood and household has been fundamentally changed from microcredit and we are honored to have them now back open for business. 

Deepen the Experience

Via creates pathways for leaders who never dreamed they would be able to access credit and start their own small businesses. 



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Microcredit participants Norma and daughter Lis, catering a Via International event in 2021

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