ESTIMA Micro-Lending in Tijuana

Via International Partners with Women’s Empowerment International

This effort, entitled ESTIMA (valuing myself) is a microfinance and community-mobilization effort to improve the health and well-being of this economically vulnerable population of women.

ESTIMA is being implemented by Via International in two phases and will provide business loans to a total of 120 women. To participate in the ESTIMA program, women must show strong motivation to improve their lives, be able to form positive relationships with other women, maintain control of their own income, and be free of drug or alcohol dependence. The ESTIMA project’s effectiveness will be evaluated by the UC San Diego Division of Global Public Health, Center on Gender Equity and Health.

ESTIMA participants will meet in groups of 8 to 12 women. They will participate in training, elect leaders, receive loans, and start small businesses of their own choosing. Women’s Empowerment will provide the loan pool to be administered through Via International.

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