Molly Porth Cabrera

Regional Director, Mexico City

Via International Director in Mexico City, Molly Porth Cabrera develops and coordinates community engagement and travel programs throughout Central Mexico. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Molly currently lives and works in Mexico City. With a master’s degree in public administration, Molly has been working for eight years in the public sector, both as a full-time employee of an international non-profit organization and as a consultant, specializing in international exchange and voluntourism, proposal design and community leadership education. A long-time social justice advocate, Molly participated in a life-changing Via trip as a college student at Saint Joseph’s University and in several voluntourism trips across the globe. In her free time, Molly can be found teaching and/or practicing yoga, reading, exploring Mexico with her dog and husband, and supporting women during childbirth as a doula.

Fundacion Comunitaria del Bajío & Isla Urbana

Via International is proud to partner with Isla Urbana, a non-profit organization that believes a scarcity of clean water for humans is an unacceptable injustice. Daily, millions of people living in Mexico City fathers, mothers, sons and daughters strain to meet their fundamental water demands. Isla Urbana secures families water future by catalyzing the rainwater harvesting revolution.

We are also proud to partner with Fundacion Comunitaria del Bajío, a civic engagement organization, socially responsible and committed to social justice. They work to strengthen community organizations and initiatives, forge alliances and mobilize resources that support a process of sustainable development.

Contact Information

Isla Urbana
Epsilon 130 Romero de Terreros
04310 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Phone: +52 (55) 5446-4831

Fundacion Comunitaria del Bajío
Blvd. del Bosque No. 86 Colonia Las Reynas,
Irapuato, Guanajuato 36660 Mèxico

Phone: +52 462-624-5158

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